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5 Reasons To Get A Cat Sitter

May 1, 2023

May is National Pet Sitter Safety Month! Most people probably associate pet sitters with dogs. This makes sense: Fido needs regular walks, and can’t be left alone for much longer than the average work shift. Our feline friends are more independent, and can stay home by themselves for longer periods. However, Fluffy shouldn’t be left home alone for too long. A local Hudson Valley, NY vet lists some reasons to have someone keep an eye on your kitty while you’re out. 


First and foremost, consider your furry little friend’s health and safety. Fluffy can get sick or injured at any time! Kittens or seniors need extra supervision, and definitely should not be left alone unsupervised. All in all, it’s just better to be safe than sorry.


When going out of town, many people leave their kitties home with a few days’ worth of food and water. There’s always a risk that Fluffy could go through it faster than expected, or that it could spill or perhaps be contaminated. If your feline pal usually eats wet food, there’s even more of an issue, as it spoils quickly. 

Litter Changes

It isn’t the end of the world if Fluffy’s litterbox doesn’t get scooped out for a few days. However, if you’re going to be gone for a week or longer, your furry pal will be forced to use a dirty bathroom. That’s no fun for anyone! 


Kitties are very playful, which is one reason we love them so much. Fluffy is adorable when she’s pouncing on her favorite catnip mouse! That said, our feline buddies definitely have a knack for getting into mischief. This can be dangerous: you don’t want to come home to find that your little buddy has gotten entangled or trapped in something when there is no one around to rescue her. 

Separation Anxiety 

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent, but they’re actually very loving and emotional, and get very attached to their humans. Fluffy may be okay by herself for a while, but when she realizes nobody’s coming home to cuddle her, she may get very distressed and lonely. Anxiety and loneliness can take a toll on kitties, both emotionally and physically. 

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