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Cute Ways To Keep Fido Cool

June 15, 2023

Summer can be a pretty rough time for our canine pals. Fido is running around in a fur coat, and he doesn’t really have many options for cooling himself down if he overheats. Making sure your dog always has clean water and access to cool, shady areas are the biggest things here, but those aren’t the only things you can do for your pup. In this article, a Newburgh, NY veterinarian lists some fun ways to protect your pooch from the heat.

Kiddie Pool

Swimming can be both fun and beneficial for Fido … assuming he enjoys it. If your furry pal isn’t cut out for it, offer him a kiddie pool to splash and play in. This is a great option for dogs that aren’t good swimmers. Just put safety first. Never leave Fido unattended near water, even if he’s a great swimmer.

Doggy Fountain

Consider getting Fido a doggy fountain. Many of our canine companions prefer to drink running water. These are also pretty entertaining. Some shoot water up into the air when pups step on them. This is adorable to watch!


Choose cold or frozen goodies. You can make your furry buddy some special ice cubes. Put kibble, broken treats, or shredded meat in ice cube trays, and then pour water or sodium-free broth over them and freeze overnight.. You’ll also find some great recipes for doggy ice cream online. Just stick with safe ingredients. Ask your vet for more information.

Cooling Pads

Another thing you can look into is getting your canine buddy a cooling pad or vest. There are different types, so do some research before buying one. You can also go the DIY route here, and just hang a wet bandana around Fido’s neck to quickly cool  him down. Another option is to get a cooling mat for your four-legged pal’s bed. There’s a DIY method here, too: keep clean frozen towels in the freezer, and put those in your pet’s bed.


Haircuts aren’t right for every dog, and can even damage some pups’ fur. That said, if your pooch can safely sport a cool summer do, go for it! If you aren’t sure whether or not this is a good option for Fido, consult your vet.

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