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Keeping Your Dog’s Bones Healthy

June 1, 2023

Did you know that as many as one in five dogs will develop arthritis at some point? Arthritis is more prevalent in certain breeds, and becomes more likely as Fido ages. However, any pup can be afflicted, and at any time in his life. Although there’s no foolproof way to protect your furry friend from this painful and debilitating condition, there are things you can do to help keep his bones as strong and healthy as possible. A local Hudson Valley, NY vet lists some of them in this article.

Good Nutrition

We can’t overstate the importance of a good diet. What Fido eats affects every part of his body! When it comes to bone health, calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus are the power hitters. Offer your canine buddy a vet-approved brand that is appropriate for his age, size, health, and lifestyle. If Fido already has bone/joint issues, or is at risk of developing them, he may benefit from supplements, such as glucosamine or omega-3 fatty acid supplements. You’ll also need to be extra careful if you have a large breed puppy. Big dogs grow very, very fast, and any nutritional imbalances during that adorable growth spurt can cause serious issues down the road. Ask your vet for specific advice. 

Suitable Exercise

Fitness is just as crucial for Fido as it is for us. Doggy workout regimens are definitely not one-size-fits-all: a German Shepherd’s daily workout is going to look very, very different from that of a Chihuahua. More isn’t always better here. Too much exercise can be just as bad as too little. Most pooches are fine with walking, running, playing, and perhaps some swimming, but specifics will vary depending on the pup’s breed, age, and health. Do some breed research, and ask your vet for recommendations.


There are also a lot of small things you can do, which, combined, can add up to make a big difference. Nail trims fall into this category. Overgrown nails interfere with the angle of Fido’s toes against the ground, which in turn will affect how he stands and walks. It’s also important to make sure your furry friend has a comfy bed to doze off in. Sleeping on a cold, hard floor isn’t very comfortable!

Do you have questions about your canine pal’s health or care? Contact us, your Hudson Valley, NY pet hospital, today!