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Keeping Your Cat Happy

September 1, 2021

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Kitties are known for being very easy keepers. However, just filling Fluffy’s bowl and changing her litterbox isn’t really enough to keep her motor going. Cats are very emotional, and they need to feel loved to be truly content. They also really enjoy being pampered a little … or a lot. Here, aHudson Valley, NY vet offers some advice on keeping your cute pet content.


First things first: make sure that Fluffy is getting good, high-quality food. Choose a brand that is appropriate to your cat’s age and lifestyle. Your feline buddy also needs fresh water, as well as a clean litterbox. Proper veterinary care is also a must.


Cats are very fond of relaxing and lounging about, and they love having lots of warm napping spots to choose from. Set out lots of beds for your drowsy pet! Small kitty comforts will also go a long way. If you’ll be out after dark, leave a light on for Fluffy. Older felines will appreciate pet stairs and litterboxes with low sides.


Fluffy obviously enjoys doing as little as possible. However, even lazy cats need some form of amusement. Make sure that your kitty has lots of toys. Pets all have their own tastes, so give your feline pal a variety, and see what she likes the best. Other popular forms of kitty entertainment include window seas, pet furniture, and, of course, playtime.


Kitties have a very curious relationship with this member of the mint family. Fluffy actually has scent receptors in her cute nose, which perfectly match catnip scent molecules. Give your little buddy some catnip or cat grass on occasion. You can also set out some pet-safe plants for her. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.


Cats know when they are cared for, and they really do appreciate all the TLC we give them. That said, you may need to do some kittyproofing to keep your furry buddy out of mischief. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Pay lots of attention to Fluffy! While some kitties are just naturally cuddlier than others are, even aloof cats tend to enjoy being played with and spoken to.

As your Hudson Valley, NY animal clinic, we are dedicated to helping you keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe. Please feel free to contact us anytime!