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Office Manager

Chessie was once asked what kind of work environment would make her the happiest. Without even thinking about it, she answered that she would feel the best working with and around animals all day. That passion simply never quit. When the opportunity arose for Chessie to join the world of veterinary medicine, she knew that it was too good to pass up!

A Newburgh native, Chessie worked in other career fields before a friend of hers, who also worked here at the clinic at the time, told her about an open position. She didn’t waste any time applying. The rest is history—Chessie joined the hospital team in October of 2019 and is now the clinic’s lead receptionist. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the area’s pet owners and getting to know each and every one of them. She’s also fond of learning new things on an almost daily basis and being able to impart that knowledge to others. Of course, Chessie also likes to dote on visiting puppies and kittens whenever she can!

Away from work, Chessie enjoys hiking, staying active in community events, and spending quality time with her family and pets at home. She and her husband, Jordan, have two pets: Kimber Rose, a dog who loves to spend hours outdoors, and a kitten named Duck who plays fetch better than any dog Chessie has ever met.  


Practice Manager

Even as a young girl, Heather knew that she wanted to work hands-on with animals one day when she got older. After graduating from high school, enrolling in Veterinary Technician school, and then getting a job in the field, she found that the management side of the veterinary profession suited her well. Now, she gets to put that passion to good use every day! Heather is proud to lead a talented team of compassionate professionals here at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital.

Heather grew up here in the Hudson Valley and began her veterinary journey in a large- and small-animal practice, where she would work for seven rewarding years. Next, she moved on to a small-animal clinic to serve as a Veterinary Technician. A year and a half later in 2016, Heather was offered a management position at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital’s sister location in Beacon, which she gladly accepted.

Heather became Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital’s Practice Manager in early 2019 and has been serving the pet owners and animal companions of the area in that capacity ever since. She’s fond of crunching the numbers and working diligently to reach business goals, but her favorite part of the job is problem-solving and ensuring that the team builds positive and personal relationships with the area’s pet parents.

When she’s not at work, Heather enjoys working out, practicing self-care, reading, catching up on her favorite television shows, and spending time with her fiancé and her daughter, Thalia. The family shares their lives with two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Hamilton and a Dachshund who goes by Rosie, as well as five cats: Colonel, Prince Eric, Miso Soup, Mighty Moose, and a kitten named Mini Mugs.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Emily grew up in Dutchess County with her parents, sister, and plenty of family pets. When she started living in New York City, she took on a job as a pet sitter—Emily loved working with animals so much that she decided to look into career paths in the veterinary world! Her passion has now come full-circle: she’s a Veterinary Technician here at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital.

After her time in New York City, Emily moved back to the Hudson Valley and signed on at the State University of New York-Ulster to study veterinary technology. She first joined the Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital team as an intern while finishing up her degree, and was delighted to stay on-staff as a Veterinary Technician after her coursework was over.

Around the hospital, Emily is fond of surgical work and finds that no two procedures are ever quite the same. For her, nothing is more rewarding than watching a patient’s road to full recovery! Emily’s favorite part of her job is getting to meet pet owners just like herself on a daily basis.

Emily and her partner, Kevin, share their home with their newly adopted dog, Chyna. When she isn’t going on long hikes with Chyna or spending time with others’ furry family members here at the hospital, Emily loves reading, baking, and gardening.


Head Licensed Veterinary Technician

Heather’s grandparents kept a variety of animals while she was growing up, and it wasn’t difficult for her to fall in love with the world of pet care early on in life. Her first experiences with the earth’s creatures left a permanent impression. Heather always knew that she would one day work hands-on with pets in one form or another! She’s proud to now serve as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

A native of Kingston, New York, Heather attended the SUNY Ulster to study veterinary technology and secured an internship at a large emergency practice during her coursework. It was there that she first fell in love with the feeling of making a true difference in the lives of pets—Heather knew that she only wanted more! She was hired as a Veterinary Assistant once her internship hours were completed, and then moved into a Licensed Veterinary Technician position after passing her board examinations.

When she heard about an opening here at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital, Heather jumped at the chance to join the clinic’s talented and compassionate care team. She’s been a member of the hospital family ever since. Heather has special interests in emergency medicine, surgery, anesthesia, dental work, and wildlife rehabilitation.

Away from work, Heather can be found reading, hiking, practicing yoga, gardening and canning, traveling, or spending quality time with her family and pets at home. She and her husband, Barry, live in Accord, New York with Franki, a Shepherd mix who considers herself the center of the universe, and an adorable uromastyx lizard named Rumpelstiltskin.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

When Lauren was growing up, her love for animals was so evident that she lost count of how many times she was told she should become a vet. While the idea made sense, deep down she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to handle caring for animals who are in pain. After a brief stint photographing pets, Lauren finally put her fear aside. Now, as a Veterinary Technician, she finds being a voice for the voiceless and relieving the pain and suffering of animals even more rewarding than she ever could have imagined!

While attending school to become a licensed veterinary technician, Lauren worked as a veterinary assistant at a couple of small animal clinics on Long Island. Upon graduating and successfully passing her state board exam, Lauren relocated to Ulster County and officially joined the Stone Cottage team.

Clinically, Lauren finds the entire process of surgery fascinating, from getting patients settled in, to ensuring they remain calm and comfortable throughout their procedure, to watching them go home to their owners. She particularly enjoys foreign body surgeries and is consistently amazed as to the things she discovers!

Lauren currently resides in New Paltz with her boyfriend, Andrew. Their fur family consists of a Yorkie named Zoey, and two long hair black cats – Binx and Onyx – who are the couple’s pride and joy. In her free time, she enjoys photography, hiking, hammocking, yoga and running.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

As far back as Chelsi Mitchel can remember, she was always surrounded by pets – from cats and dogs to birds, fish, hamsters, rabbits, and even a few turtles. It’s no surprise, then, that becoming a vet was at the top of Chelsi’s list of career aspirations. After an injury derailed her plans to join the Army, Chelsi finally took the plunge and became a veterinary technician. Today, she is thrilled to be living her dream!

After graduating from SUNY Ulster, Chelsi worked at several different clinics, bouncing around from equine, to emergency, to general practice until she landed here at Stone Cottage in November 2021. Professionally, Chelsi loves getting involved with unique and interesting cases – especially those requiring research, diagnostics and out-of-the-norm treatment strategies. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with clients, from diet advice to training tips and everything in between.

Outside of the clinic, Chelsi currently resides with her Mom. Her animal family includes a Leopard Gecko named Domino and a Quarter Horse named Sage. When she’s not busy working, Chelsi can usually be found spending time with Sage doing competitive barrel racing. Her other hobbies include working out and playing video games.


Veterinary Assistant

Animals have been a part of Brianna’s life ever since she can remember. She was only five years old when she got her first pet, a ball python. From there, her passion for the world of pet care only continued to grow. Now, Brianna gets to use her drive and determination to better the lives of pets and animal owners on a daily basis—she’s a member of Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital’s skilled Veterinary Assistant team!

Brianna is a native of the Hudson Valley and launched her career in animal care a few years ago, when she started walking dogs and pet-sitting whenever she had the chance. It wasn’t long before she knew that she wanted to fully submerge herself in the world of animal medicine. That’s when she decided to join the veterinary profession—Brianna signed on here at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital and hasn’t looked back since! She couldn’t be happier with her choice. 

Around the clinic, Brianna particularly enjoys observing the veterinarians and Technicians, especially during surgical procedures. Most of all, she’s fond of meeting new pet owners every day and making connections with them and their adorable companions.

Most of Brianna’s free time away from work is spent with her family and pets at home. She has two dogs—Trinity the dramatic Pit Bull princess, and a chunky and cuddle-loving English Bulldog named Levi—as well as three cats: bug-eyed Charlie, Honey the mouse hunter, and Viya, who likes to literally jump off the walls. 


Veterinary Assistant

Dana has always had an indescribable connection with animals. Add to this her interest in medicine, and it’s obvious why she chose to pursue a career in the veterinary field. As part of the Stone Cottage team, she finds tremendous fulfillment in helping animals recover from illness or injury and go on to enjoy happy, healthy and amazing lives!

Dana’s journey began as a kennel attendant. One pet resort where she worked happened to be part of an animal hospital. Being around that environment inspired Dana to pursue the medical side of pet care. While she loves her current role as a Veterinary Assistant, Dana is seriously considering attending college to become a licensed technician. Professionally, Dana particularly enjoys diagnostic appointments and she loves the fact that she’s learning every day.

Outside of work, Dana lives with her significant other. Together, they have a dog named Reaper and two rescue kittens named Gemini and Aries. Her personal interests include art, skateboarding and practicing with makeup – something she’s been dabbling in for nearly a decade. 



Jessica was born and raised in Newburgh and started riding horses when she was only 10 years old. Those early experiences with animals made a lasting impression—she always suspected that she would love to pursue a career in the veterinary world. Jessica has now worked in the animal-care profession for more than a decade, and she’s never looked back! She’s proud to serve as a Veterinary Assistant and receptionist here at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital.

Jessica began working at a local horse farm at the age of 18, and signed on at her first veterinary clinic a few years later. After working there for five years, she spent some time pet-sitting and dog walking before learning of an opportunity here at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital through Dr. Spaccarelli, who she’d worked with at another local clinic. Jessica signed on with the hospital family in September of 2018 and couldn’t be happier with her decision.

Building strong relationships with the area’s pet parents is Jessica’s favorite part of her work here at the clinic. Nothing means more to her than being a positive part of a pet’s journey to full health! She’s also fond of doting on puppy and kitten visitors whenever she gets the chance.

Most of Jessica’s free time away from work is also spent with dogs. She runs her own small dog training business and can also frequently be found volunteering for dog therapy visits! Along with her young son, Hudson, Jessica shares her life with three canine companions: A pair of English Bulldogs, Nala and Norman, both of whom are certified therapy dogs through Therapy Dogs International; and a rescued Frenchie mix named Nelson.



Danielle always knew she’d one day work with animals. Her childhood cat confirmed this for her. Diagnosed with a tumor on the stem of her brain, Danielle cared for her, keeping the drain area clean and administering medication to help keep her comfortable. The experience inspired Danielle to help as many animals as she could.

Danielle’s journey began at a young age, while spending her summers at horse camp. From there, she began working at a boarding kennel before moving into veterinary assisting. As she gained experience she eventually worked her way up to the role of surgical assistant before being sidelined by a knee injury. Determined not to be deterred from her life’s goal of working with animals, Danielle joined the Stone Cottage team in July of 2021 as one of our amazing receptionists.

At home, Danielle is pet mom to three fur babies of her own: a senior rescue Chihuahua named Sookie, and two black rescue cats named Shredder and Winifred Empanada. When she’s not working or loving on her pets, Danielle enjoys crocheting, reading, spending time with friends and practicing self-care.



When Harley Taran was growing up, she witnessed the unbreakable bond that was shared between her father and his service dog, Enzo. Not only did this special connection instill a desire to one day have a fur baby of her own, but it served as the very inspiration behind Harley’s entire career path.

Harley’s journey began as a child, when she would pet-sit for friends and family members. As soon as she was officially old enough, she was hired to work at a local pet store. With the goal of furthering her knowledge, Harley moved on to the veterinary industry. As a Receptionist here at Stone Cottage, she is thrilled to be in a job where she is constantly learning and growing.

From a professional standpoint, Harley appreciates working in a fast-paced environment where she routinely has to multi-task while also remaining laser-focused. While this may be harder on some days than it is on others, she’s always up for the challenge! Harley’s future plans include furthering her education in the veterinary field.

At home, Harley is pet mom to a miniature Australian Shepherd named Daisy (a.k.a. “Crazy Daisy”), whose signature trick is taking off peoples socks on command. She also has two lovely cats: Phoebe and Essie, both of whom rule the roost.