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Fall With Fluffy

October 15, 2023

Fall is a gorgeous time of year here in the northeast. People with dogs often really enjoy taking their canine pals on long walks, and taking in the beautiful foliage, while people owned by cats often get extra snuggles as the weather cools. Of course, every season comes with its own set of concerns for pet owners. Autumn is no exception. Here, a Hudson Valley, NY vet offers some advice on keeping your kitty happy, healthy, and safe this autumn.

Offer Comfy Spots

Cats are collectively very, very sleepy. Fluffy will spend a chunk of the autumn holiday snoozing. Provide comfy beds, and take some down time to snuggle up with your little buddy.

Be Cautious Of Seasonal Toxins

Many late blooming plants and flowers are toxic to cats. That includes things like chrysanthemums and poison sumac, as well as mushrooms, though they’re technically a fungus. At this time of year, many people also fill their cars with antifreeze, which has a taste many pets find appealing. Although some companies are now making pet-friendly versions, that isn’t universal. Lawn and garden chemicals are also an issue in fall, as many people apply fertilizers and fungicides. 

Decorate Carefully

Fluffy is quite playful, and she often can’t resist batting at objects with strings or ropes. This can be very dangerous: if your pet was to ingest these types of items, she could end up with life-threatening internal injuries. Keep anything with ropes, strings, garlands, and cords away from your furry pal. You also want to make sure your feline friend can’t get to any flames; use thick candle holders, and put grates before fireplaces.

Be Extra Careful With Black Cats

If you have a void kitty, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions. Black cats are at extra risk from pranksters at this time of year, due to the old superstitions that linked Fluffy to witches and witchcraft. Keep your furry friend indoors! If you do let your pet out, bring her in before dark.

Keep Up With Preventative Care

While fleas, ticks, and heartworms aren’t as prevalent in the cold as they are in summer, they are a year-round threat. Keep up with Fluffy’s wellness and preventive care! Older kitties may often need some extra attention, as they can get stiff and sore when it’s cold. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Our Tips for Fall With Fluffy

How can pet owners provide comfortable resting spots for their cats during autumn?

Pet owners can make their cats comfortable in autumn by providing warm, cozy beds in quiet areas. Adding extra blankets or bedding in sunlit spots or near a heater can also be inviting. Ensuring these areas are away from drafts helps keep cats snug as the weather cools.

Why are certain late-blooming plants and household substances dangerous to cats?

Certain late-blooming plants and household substances are dangerous to cats because they contain toxins that can cause severe health issues if ingested. These include liver failure, kidney damage, and gastrointestinal disturbances. Plants like chrysanthemums and substances like antifreeze are particularly harmful due to their toxic properties specific to felines.

Why is extra caution necessary for black cats during the fall season?

Extra caution is necessary for black cats during the fall, especially around Halloween, due to longstanding superstitions associating them with witchcraft. This can, unfortunately, make them targets for pranks or harm. Keeping black cats indoors and safe during this season is crucial for their protection.

Why is it essential to maintain preventive care for cats in autumn?

Maintaining preventive care for cats in autumn is crucial because pests like fleas and ticks remain active and can transmit diseases. Additionally, as the weather cools, older cats may experience increased joint pain or stiffness, requiring attention. Regular check-ups ensure overall health and address seasonal issues effectively.

Where can cat owners get more information or assistance with their pets’ autumn care needs?

Cat owners can seek more information and assistance with their pets’ autumn care needs by contacting their local veterinary clinic or animal hospital. Veterinarians and their staff can provide guidance, tips, and specific care recommendations tailored to individual cats’ needs during the fall season.

Do you have questions about caring for your feline pal? Contact us, your local Hudson Valley, NY animal clinic, today!