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Taking Pet Photos

December 1, 2023

Season’s Greetings! Many of our furry patients somehow manage to be even cuter than usual at this time of year. We never get tired of seeing adorable seasonal photos of our four-legged pals. Pet photos also make great holiday cards! Of course, while Fido and Fluffy are super cute, they aren’t always the most cooperative models. A local Hudson Valley, NY vet offers some advice on taking pet pictures in this article.

Choose The Right Spot

Choosing the right background can make all the difference when it comes to taking pet pics. Pick a location where the background contrasts with your furry buddy’s coat. Any solid wall is usually going to be a good bet, though if you have a white cat and a white wall you may want to try something different. You can also snap Fido and Fluffy in front of the tree. These always make charming photos! (Tip: if taking your pet’s picture in front of a lit tree, try blurring the background out.)

Good Lighting

Lighting can definitely make or break photos. If  you can, snap your pet’s pics at dusk or dawn, when the light has a golden quality. Poster board can work as a cheap, DIY reflection board. 


Fido and Fluffy look super cute in Santa hats or reindeer antlers. There’s nothing wrong with using props: just be sure to do it safely. Rule #1: Never force your four-legged friend to wear clothes or accessories if they seem uncomfortable. Rule #2: Only use things that are safe and fit well. Rule #3: Never leave pets unattended in outfits.


Filters and cropping can make an average photo look like a professional shot. Play around with different editing effects. The average smartphone has plenty of great ones built in, but you can also download editing apps. Try turning your fuzzy buddy into a cartoon!

Grab Their Attention

Fido and Fluffy have a way of looking absolutely adorable … and then moving as soon as you grab your camera. Try apps made just for taking pet photos. Many have great, pet-specific presets. Some even make silly noises that get pets’ attention. (You can also try holding a squeaky toy or just making some funny sounds yourself.)

Angle It Right

One thing you may want to try is getting down on the floor and snapping Fido and Fluffy from eye level. This is a great way to get a detailed close-up.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Hudson Valley, NY animal clinic, anytime!