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Signs Of Pain In Dogs

September 1, 2023

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Your canine companion can’t make himself an emergency appointment, and he can’t tell you if he’s hurting, so it’s important to know the warning signs to watch for. Here, a Hudson Valley, NY vet lists some signs of pain in pups.

Antisocial Behavior

While every dog is different, most of our canine buddies want to be with their humans as much as possible. If your pooch seems unusually withdrawn, there could be something off with him.

Unusual Vocalizations

Some dogs are naturally more vocal than others. That’s normal. What you want to watch for here are vocalizations that are unusual for your pooch. If Fido is hurting, he may whine, whimper, or howl.


Being in pain isn’t a mood booster for anyone. This also applies to dogs. Even the sweetest pup can snap if they’re hurt. If your furry buddy isn’t feeling well, he may growl, snarl, or even try to bite, especially if you touch the sore area.


It’s normal for Fido to pant on hot days or after a vigorous round of Fetch. (Note: make sure your pooch always has clean water on sweltering days.) However, if your four-legged friend seems out of breath for no reason, there may be something wrong.


It’s normal for a senior dog to be slower and stiffer than a puppy. However, a noticeable decline in Fido’s mobility is another story. Warning signs here include limping, standing or moving very stiffly. Your furry friend may also hold himself in a strange or awkward position, such as with his back hunched or his head pressed to the wall.

Behavioral Changes

If Fido doesn’t feel well, he may seem anxious or nervous, and he may not be interested in going to the park or playing with his favorite toy. He may sleep more than usual, and may just look glum or depressed.

Changes In Appetite/Thirst

Our canine pals are usually very, very interested in food. If Fido isn’t eating much or at all, there may be something wrong. Sudden, unexplained changes in water consumption are also cause for concern.


An occasional bout of tummy trouble may not be unusual, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and contact your vet. These can be signs of many different health problems.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Call us, your Hudson Valley, NY veterinary clinic, today!