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Teaching Your Pet To Talk Using Paw Buttons

September 15, 2023

Does your canine pal ‘speak’ on command? Does your feline friend yell at you when she wants food or attention? We’ve always found ways to communicate with our furry friends, but there’s been lots of room for interpretation. Well, technology just made that easier with the invention of programmable pads. A Hudson Valley, NY vet goes over some basics on these below.

What Are Talking Paw Buttons?

These are buttons that say specific words when Fido steps on them, essentially allowing your canine buddy to talk to you. Yes, they really work! 

How Do I Program Paw Buttons?

The main thing is to use language Fido knows. For instance, if you call dog treats Cookies or Biscuits, then you’d want to key those words in, rather than Treat or Snack.

How Do I Teach My Pet To Use Paw Buttons?

Start with words Fido already knows, such as Bed, Walk, and Play. (You may think that Treat is the easiest to start with, but that may actually slow things down, as your pooch may lose interest in learning other words.) Basically, you’ll need to build an association with the button and its associated meaning. If you’re taking your dog outside, press the button, say Outside and then take Fido outside. When feeding him, press the Dinner or Eat button, then say the words and fill your furry buddy’s dish.

How Do I Arrange Paw Buttons?

There are a few options for setup. Hexagonal tiles are a good option, as these can be arranged in whatever way suits your setup. You may also find it best to arrange groups of similar words together.

How Long Will It Take For My Dog To Learn Paw Buttons?

There’s no set amount of time for Fido to get the hang of it. Some dogs may learn in a few days, some take weeks, and some may always just look at you with that adorably confused expression.

Can I Teach My Cat To Use Paw Buttons?

There are also paw buttons for Fluffy. Some kitties are quite adept at using them! We can’t say for sure whether your cat will be interested. On the one hand, cats are notorious for only doing what they want. Then again, our feline overlords are already quite good at bossing us around. It’s worth a try!

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