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Pet Dentistry

Pet Dental Care for Bright Teeth and Healthy Smiles

Pet Dentistry

Pet Dental Care for Bright Teeth and Healthy Smiles

Good dental health is crucial for the overall wellness of our furry companions. At Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in providing complete pet dentistry services for dogs and cats. Our veterinarians are prepared to handle every aspect of your pet’s oral health, from at-home dental care tips to extracting damaged teeth.

about our clinic –
Big Island pet care center

Dr. Grune, a visionary in the field of veterinary medicine, founded our clinic in 1990. Opening his own practice was the realization of his lifelong dream—to deliver the highest level of care to animals in need.

Through his clinic, Dr. Grune has surpassed his expectations and provided comprehensive and compassionate care for dogs and cats throughout Hawaii. We prioritize client education and have created a comfortable space where pets and parents feel at ease.

Our lovely clinic is located within a retrofitted house. It exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere. The open-air lanai serves as our waiting room, and the surrounding landscaped grounds provide a serene environment to promote relaxation for your pet.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your furry friends receive personalized attention and care. We genuinely strive for the best for your pet and aim to build lasting relationships with both pets and their devoted owners. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff are here to meet all your pet healthcare needs.

Smile: We Provide Pet Dentistry

Our veterinary team at Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital is experienced in various pet dental care services to keep your dog or cat’s teeth shining and breath fresh. We offer:

  • Dental Exams: Our veterinarians perform a full assessment of your pet’s mouth, checking for signs of damaged teeth, tooth decay, periodontal disease, or oral tumors. Taking preventative measures like these exams means our team can catch signs early before oral issues become a painful problem.

  • Teeth Cleanings: During this procedure, our skilled veterinary team will clean your pet’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can help prevent periodontal disease and lead to fresher breath.

  • Tooth Extractions: If your pet has a damaged or diseased tooth that needs to come out, our veterinarians will skillfully remove the tooth.

  • Dental X-rays: Digital dental X-rays are a state-of-the-art technology that allows us to get a detailed view of your pet’s teeth and jaw, which is crucial for getting a complete picture of your pet’s oral health.

  • At-Home Advice: From brushing teeth to dental chews, we provide all the best tips and tricks for keeping your pet’s teeth clean.

Pet Oral Care is Full Body Care

Maintaining your pet’s oral hygiene is not just about having pearly whites – pet dental care is vital for their overall health. Dental issues can lead to severe problems affecting their heart, liver, and kidneys. Our pet dentistry services focus on prevention and treatment so your pet can live a long, healthy life.

Give Your Pet a Happy Grin

At Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital, we believe that pet dentistry is essential for pet wellness. Contact us to schedule your pet dental care exam today. Let’s give your pets strong, healthy teeth so they can enjoy every treat.

Stone Cottage Veterinary Hospital provides pet dentistry for cats and dogs in Newburgh, New Windsor, Cornwall, West Point, Beacon, Wappingers Falls, Montgomery, Wallkill, Walden, and surrounding areas.